Brilliant Pebbles: Wireless Edition

The biggest upgrade ever.

We’ve made the most popular audible altimeter even better!

iOS Compatibility

One of the most popular requests for the Brilliant Pebble was compatibility with iPhones and iPads. With this upgrade, it’s finally here! Our “Blue Pebbles” App is now free on the App Store.

USB Type C

One connector to rule them all – we love how the USB-C connector is finally making it convenient for our gadgets to use the same cable. Now, you can charge your GoPro, phone, laptop, X2, and Brilliant Pebble using the same cable and charger!

Always-on Wireless

Using a wireless connection, you can connect and configure your audible settings at any time – without having to take it out of your helmet!

Change your alarms on the flight line, on the climb to altitude or in the packing area using the easy-to-use app with your phone. You can even make it beep if you’re trying to find it buried in your gear!

Even with this, we don’t sacrifice security: once paired, only your phone will be able to connect to your brilliant pebble. Other phones will be able to see, but not connect to it until the encryption keys are reset by using a SIM pin or straightened paperclip to press the reset button.

Packed with features

Set up to 20 alarm altitudes, a customizable hard deck alarm (both altitude and speed!) and an altitude offset. And wireless firmware updates for the latest developments!

Best Value for Money

Despite all these improvements and features, the Brilliant Pebbles is STILL the cheapest audible altimeter in the market!