About Us

AON2 makes some of the world's most advanced skydiving altimeters

By Skydivers, For Skydivers

AON2 altimeters are made by a team of avid skydivers. Check the Events Page to see when they will be coming to a dropzone near you!


We're creating a complete ecosystem to connect you to your passions!


Our altimeters have been developed through both advanced design principles and rigorous testing



We are developing some of the world's most advanced skydiving altimeters.


X2 delayed

Sadly we will have to announce another delay to taking pre-orders for X2 for 2-3 weeks. :(



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About Us

At AON2, we connect people to their passion for sports.

We are a startup company that designs and manufactures wearable altimeters for skydiving and other aerial sports. AON2 was founded in Bristol by a team of aeronautical engineers and passionate skydivers, and it is our mission to increase the enjoyment and safety of our sport by increasing altitude awareness. Check out our Events section to see AON2 altimeters in action in a drop zone near you!

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