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3D Models



3D Models

Arm mount:

Firmware for Windows

Windows 10

Windows 10: New Firmware Updater

First time setup

If updating the firmware for the first time on that computer:

  • Turn off your X2
  • Plug into USB port
  • power on the X2 with the MIDDLE button while holding down the TOP button
    • the display might show as garbled, this is ok
  • Wait for Windows to detect the device

Driver installation

  1. Download and start Zadig
  2. Select Options -> List All Devices
  3. Select STM32 BOOTLOADER from the device dropdown
  4. Select WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385) as new driver
  5. Click Replace Driver

This only needs to be done once.

Firmware update

Once the drivers are installed, download and run the New Firmware Updater

Firmware for Mac and Linux


X2 Firmware Update 1.6.1 (macOS) – please copy to desktop or downloads folder before running

Additional note: to bypass the security warning, go to macOS Settings -> Security and Privacy, then click “run anyway”. We’re currently working on fixing this issue.


X2 Firmware Update 1.6.1 (Linux)


All changes from 1.6.0, and:

  • add seconds to time display in action modes
  • in case of sensor failure, keep trying to read data

Previous change log:


  • code cleanup and optimisations
  • improve landing detection code
  • minor fixes to paragliding mode
  • minor bluetooth bug fixes

1.3.5 – 17/08/2020

  • reduce memory usage further
  • enable new GPS error message
  • optimise code speed further
  • add more bluetooth characteristics for future features

1.3.4 – 27/06/2020

  • fix speed display in paragliding mode
  • activate new bluetooth features
  • final fix for GPS logging gaps
  • sync only new logs (requires app support)

1.3.3 – 07/06/2020

  • fix GPS log time bug
  • fix several Bluetooth bugs
  • fix memory percentage calculation
  • fix font colour when exiting sync screen
  • merge cycling mode and navigation mode
  • improve flight mode detection
  • fixes for strange interrupt behaviour
  • fix for backlight flicker
  • add paragliding mode (beta)

1.2.2 – 01/12/2019

  • add Advanced Aircraft Mode:
    • run-in distance, cross-track distance and direction, straight-line distance
  • allow configuration of Canopy mode between heading and glide ratio
  • per-digit setting of altitude offset
  • battery icon now reflects percentage
  • display jump number in jump summary screen

1.1.5 – 26/09/2019

  • add Flightline check mode
  • change how altitude is computed for high elevation dropzones
  • append a number to user waypoints when setting on device

1.1.4 – 03/09/2019

  • move adjust jump number to logs menu. Add delete logs function, move log list to submenu.
  • fix bluetooth issues (primarily on 2nd batch X2s)
  • fix blank passkey bug

1.1.3 – 16/07/2019

  • Put back numerical heading to aircraft mode screen
  • Add glide ratio to canopy mode
  • bugfix: fix waypoint deletion bug
  • bugfix: fix bug preventing negative altitude offset being set
  • bugfix: home screen to show distance in nautical miles
  • improvement: increase GPS log frequency
  • improvement: increase bluetooth log transfer speed

1.1.2 – 02/06/2019

  • NEW FEATURE: New aircraft mode screen
  • IMPROVEMENT: improve algorithms for detecting exit/deployment
  • IMPROVEMENT: improvement in GPS code to reduce time getting signal fix
  • IMPROVEMENT: jump log screen data now persists through reboots.
  • NEW FEATURE: scroll through jump logs (summary only) on device
  • NEW FEATURE: sync clock minutes/seconds to GPS (max once per day)
  • NEW FEATURE: enable firmware updates from smartphone (not yet implemented in app)
  • IMPROVEMENT: bluetooth code fixes

10/03/2019 – 1.1.1:

  • NEW FEATURE: select vertical, horizontal and speed units separately.
  • NEW FEATURE: added Nautical Miles/knots as distance & speed options
  • NEW FEATURE: backlight now turns on for 5 seconds after last button press
  • NEW FEATURE: auto-exit from menus if no interaction for 3 minutes (except GPS and Bluetooth screens)
  • NEW FEATURE: faster navigation: go back to home screen directly after exiting several menus down, if settings are changed.
  • NEW FEATURE: use available GPS data in wingsuit mode to assist canopy deployment detection
  • Battery: don’t turn off when 10% is reached – we are re-scaling the battery meter to allocate 10% as reserve.
  • BUGFIX: avoid device startup freeze on barometer failure
  • BUGFIX: change jump parameters to improve jump detection (hop and pops) and improve jump statistics
  • Battery life: implement Bluetooth sleep mode during action modes
  • BUGFIX: found and fixed bug that woke GPS unnecessarily during standby mode
  • Major re-arrangement of the code, preparation for wireless firmware updates from the phone app!

05/02/2019 – 1.1.0:

  • NEW FEATURE: set format of altitude display (either divide by 1000 or not)
  • NEW FEATURE: delete single waypoints instead of all waypoints
  • improve text alignments on altitude readouts
  • fix potential freeze at bootup
  • fix screen flicker if backlight is on
  • display speed units in plane mode
  • minor GPS improvements

20/01/2019 – 1.0.8

  • NEW FEATURE: user-interactive separation timer in plane mode. Press top or bottom buttons to change value, press middle button to start or reset timer. Usage:
    • during climb to altitude, adjust timer to desired separation
    • When previous group exits aircraft, press the middle button
    • When timer counts down to 0, exit the aircraft.
  • Diagnostics menu: under Settings->System, show diagnostics such as battery voltage, air pressure and internal device temperature.
  • Improve barometer and battery level sensor failure detection and handling.

30/12/2018 – 1.0.6

  • prevent thermals and noise from causing the X2 to prematurely switch to ground mode from canopy mode above 50 feet of pressure altitude.
    • if device is still stuck on canopy mode upon landing, press top+bottom buttons simultaneously to exit canopy mode.
  • Automatic backlight option: on shake
    • if this option is selected, shaking the X2 will switch on the backlight for at least 5 seconds.

26/12/2018 – 1.0.5

  • fix bug which prevents the combination of feet (vertical) and metres (horizontal)
  • zero the altimeter once every minute if 3 conditions are met:
    • skydive or wingsuit mode is selected
    • altitude offset is NOT set
    • pressure drift is lower than equivalent of 0.2m/s

24/12/2018 – 1.0.4:

  • improvements to GPS sleep/wake code – improves GPS performance and battery life
  • selected waypoints now persist after reboot

16/12/2018 – all changes until 1.0.3:

  • add jump number counter and offset screen
  • put different speed thresholds for wingsuit mode (10 m/s) and skydiving mode (15 m/s)
  • fix garbled bottom line of pixels on the screen
  • make wingsuit/skydiving mode persistent between reboots
  • fix bug where device changes to wingsuit mode even if skydive mode is selected
  • fix bug where screen fails to start sometimes (DMA controller error)


If the firmware update utility fails to start on your system, an alternate way is to use these command-line utilities to update the X2’s firmware.

For Windows, you still need to install the X2 bootloader driver if this is the first time you’re updating the firmware.


Driver installation

  1. Download and start Zadig
  2. Turn off your X2.
  3. Plug the X2 into the computer’s USB port.
  4. While holding down the TOP button, press the middle button to turn on your X2. (You won’t see anything on the screen – the screen may appear garbled but will not display anything)
  5. Select Options -> List All Devices
  6. Select STM32 BOOTLOADER from the device dropdown
  7. Select WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385) as new driver
  8. Click Replace Driver

This only needs to be done once.

Firmware update

  1. Download X2-fwupdate-cli and unzip.
  2. Double-click ‘upload.bat‘ and the update should start. It should take approximately 1 minute, 40 seconds to complete, and your X2 will reboot automatically when it is done.


  1. Turn off your X2.
  2. Plug the X2 into the computer’s USB port.
  3. While holding down the TOP button, press the middle button to turn on your X2. (You won’t see anything on the screen – the screen may appear garbled but will not display anything)
  4. Download and unzip X2-fwupdate-cli-macOS and extract the files.
  5. open Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
  6. In the terminal, type:  (press enter after every line)
    1. cd Downloads
    2. cd X2-fwupdate-cli-macOS
    3. ./macos_reset.sh
  7. A progress bar should appear and when it reaches 100%, the update should be complete.


  1. Ensure that you’ve run the initial setup script if this is the first time you’re updating the X2.
  2. Turn off your X2.
  3. Plug the X2 into the computer’s USB port.
  4. While holding down the TOP button, press the middle button to turn on your X2. (You won’t see anything on the screen – the screen may appear garbled but will not display anything)
  5. Download and unzip X2-fwupdate-cli-linux and extract the files.
  6. run updatefw.sh and it should perform the update.

Brilliant Pebbles Wireless


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Brilliant Pebbles

Legacy App

NOTE: The app is no longer being updated.

Android users, please sideload the app from the button above or here. Alternatively, we are setting up an F-droid store: Open link with F-droid

The current version is 1.2.6.


1.2.8: Fix remaining units bugs from settings byte, remove new version warning.
1.2.7: Fix units bug when fast hard deck alarm setting is chosen.
1.2.6: Fix language display, improve macOS behaviour.
1.2.5: Add ability to set hard deck alarm.
1.2.4: Add altitude offset feature. Fix crashes with alarm tone out of bounds.
1.1.18: Add Hungarian translation. Enable volume control (only available on latest firmware)
1.1.17: Add Italian translation, fix bugs in firmware update process.
1.1.16: Improve firmware update functionality.
1.1.12: Add Spanish translation.
1.1.11: Add Russian translation, add feature to disable climb beeps. (requires latest firmware)
1.1.10: Add Hebrew translation, fix minor bugs.
1.1.9: add French and Portugese (BR) translations, improve firmware update error handling.
1.1.8: fix issues for intermittent USB connections.
1.1.7: Remove dependency on JRE, improve firmware update reliability.
1.1.5: Improve firmware update screen.
1.1.4: Double-click to edit an alarm. Set jump number to any number.
1.1.3: improved support for different locales
1.1.1: added “reset” button to reset jump counter to 0. Jump counter still in beta and may report incorrect numbers.
1.1.0: added firmware update function to Windows & Mac apps.
1.0.0: initial release

Please select your platform below.

Note for Mac Users

The app requires you to allow unsigned apps to be installed. Please follow the instructions on this page if you haven’t enabled it: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH25088

The app will enable you to adjust the settings on your altimeter and also update the firmware. An internet connection is also needed to download firmware or app updates.



No driver is required for OS X. Simply download and install the app, plug in Brilliant Pebbles and start using it.

Windows 10

No driver is required for Windows 10. Simply download and install the app, plug in Brilliant Pebbles and start using it.

Windows 7 & 8.x

Download driver

Please download the exe file, install and reboot the computer.


No driver is required for linux. However, you may need to add your username to the dialout group:
sudo adduser (username) dialout
Logging in and out again will enable the changes to take effect.

3D Models

Kiss helmet adapter

We have made the 3D file of the Kiss Helmet Adapter free to download! If you have access to a 3D printer, please feel free to download, modify and redistribute the file below:
STL file for Kiss Helmet Adapter (old model)

STL file for Kiss Helmet Adapter (current model)

Fuel helmet adapter for Brilliant Pebbles v2

STL file for Cookie Fuel Helmet Side Plate

For the Fuel adapter for Brilliant Pebbles v1 (original Brilliant Pebble), please download this file instead.

Brilliant Pebbles 3D model

If you would like to make your own adapters or mounts, we have made the 3D model of Brilliant Pebbles free to download (IGES and STL format):
Brilliant Pebbles 3D Model

Java app

We have received reports of users who cannot connect to the device using the native application. An alternative way is to install:

Please download, unzip, and double-click AON2.jar. Please bear with us while we track down the source of the problem, apologies for this issue!