Project Obsidian

The ultimate in altitude awareness. Preorders now open!



Technical specifications

  • Operating altitude: 0 to 33,000ft (0m to 11000m)
  • See-through monochrome display (roughly equivalent of a 2.7″ display at 40cm)
    • display colour: Green
    • brightness: 10,000+ nits maximum for sunlight visibility
    • resolution: 480 x 640 pixels
  • battery life: 5 hours minimum (~10 hours with power saving mode)
    • charging: magnetic USB
  • wireless connectivity
  • app for Android & iOS phones
  • wireless firmware udpates
  • optics:
    • UV protective polycarbonate
    • shatterproof
    • tint: 70% neutral grey
    • non-polarised

Does it have GPS?

No, Project Obsidian does NOT have a GPS receiver. It will be able to receive GPS data from another device (like a smartphone).

Is it a stand-alone device? What does it use for measuring altitude?

If you just want altitude and/or vertical speed, Project Obsidian is a standalone device. It contains an internal barometer (air pressure sensor) so it is a stand-alone altimeter.

You can link it with other devices via wireless to be able to display more data, such as horizontal speed, GPS altitude, heading, etc.

Will it work for tight skydiving helmets, like the G4?

It should – we’ve done our testing almost exclusively using G4s, which are quite uncomfortable even with normal sunglasses! After the electronics bay, we’ve ensured the temples are as low profile as possible to maximise comfort.

Will it work for people who need corrective glasses?

  • If you use reading glasses, then it will work – the image appears to be around 10 feet (3.5 metres) away and there is no need for any corrective glasses.
  • If you’re nearsighted (if you need glasses to see long distances) then unfortunately you might need to wear contact lenses to be able to use Project Obsidian.

We are working with our optics supplier to be able to eventually offer corrective lenses, but this will not be available in the near future.

How much is it?

Price is £899, but preorders will receive a £100 discount. Shipping will start in summer 2023.

Will it fit into my helmet?

We are designing Project Obsidian to be able to fit in most full-face skydiving helmets, including the new impact-rated models.

I wear an open-face helmet. Will I be able to use Project Obsidian?

Due to the design of the glasses, there is a large gap between the face and the sunglasses like normal non-wraparound glasses. This might cause issues with excessive air flow to the eyes. However, we have included holes in the temples so you can secure the glasses around your head with a strap. So if you can cope with the airflow issues you will be able to use it. However, we recommend wearing a full-face helmet to avoid these issues.

Why are you working on this? Will you discontinue the X2?

We will continue updating and supporting the X2, it remains a very important part of our product line. The global chip shortage has created a very difficult environment for us, so we have been forced to reduce the people working on the X2 software temporarily. Project Obsidian is less affected by the chip shortages, therefore we are putting more development resources on it. But both products are extremely important to us and we will continue supporting and developing them into the future.

As for why we’re working on Project Obsidian at all – the short answer is, we’re skydivers! We’ve dreamed of this device for a very long time. We’ll probably write another blog post about it, but skydiving is our passion and motivation.

Additional information

inter-pupillary distance

55-60mm, 60-65mm, 65-70mm


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