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We believe that altitude awareness should be an essential commodity, not an unaffordable luxury.



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Technical specifications

  • operating altitude: 0 to 30,000ft (0m to 11000m)
  • pressure sensor precision: ±1m (±3.3 ft)
  • battery life: approximately 2 months, rechargeable lithium
  • automatic power-off after 16 hours (AAD-like operation)
  • USB charging
  • weight: 21 grams
  • dimensions: 56x41x11mm
  • up to 20 different alarms
  • hard deck alarm
  • altitude offset
  • feet or metres setting
  • PC/Mac interface
  • Android phones or tablets with Google Play Store app (OTG cable required)
  • automatic notification of app and firmware updates over the internet

Product reviews

I picked this up as an audible back-up to my used Galaxy Alti2 and to help me with more precise altitude decisions. Support team was right there with some software answers, same night! Thanks for taking care of the new guys!

Paul, London

Best audible on the market for the price. I have had mine since spring and absolutely love it. I hate to say it, but it blows the Solo2 away. Great battery life, lots of volume, awesome colors!

Chris, Vincennes

Purchased my Pebble 2 month ago and love it! Very simple to change the alarms and I love how you can choose the tone and how long you want it to sound for. Great value for money and prompt shipping to Australia

Joseph, Adelaide

To set altitude, simply plug it into a smartphone, tablet or computer and use the AON2 app to change the settings. Set up to 20 different alarms, change the volume, and more!

  • Cookie Fuel helmet adapter for Brilliant Pebbles

    Cookie Fuel helmet adapter for brilliant Pebbles (helmet not included) If you have access to a 3D printer, you can 3D print your own adapter! Download the 3D model of the Cookie Fuel helmet adapter from the Downloads page.

    £15.00Add to bag

  • Kiss helmet adapter for Brilliant Pebbles

    Adapter for mounting Brilliant Pebbles (original version) to the Kiss helmet. For the new version of Brilliant Pebbles, the adapter is not needed. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can 3D print your own adapter! Download the 3D model of the Kiss helmet adapter from the Downloads page.

    £15.00Add to bag

If you cannot find your issue below, please contact us.

Will there be an iOS app for Brilliant Pebbles?

Unfortunately no. Apple Store policy prevents us from using the USB port, which we’ll address in our next audible altimeter.

I keep clicking “connect” in the Android App but nothing happens! Why?

Please ensure that you grant the app permission to use the USB port – try unplugging and plugging the audible back in, or go to System Settings -> Apps -> Brilliant Pebbles. If it’s connected, the blue “status” LED should turn continuously on.

If you get the above notification, please tick “use by default” and click OK.

When I convert between feet to metres and back, the altitudes are off by 1 or 2 feet – is this normal?

The altimeter works internally in metres. When the user enters their alarm values in feet, these are converted to metres and rounded off to the nearest metre. When the altimeter is plugged back in, these metre values are then displayed as feet. These small rounding errors cause the conversions not to be exact, and is normal behaviour.

I changed the altitudes on the app, why does it still beep on the old settings?

Please make sure you click “Upload” or click the “ “ icon in the app.

I can’t install the app on MacOs.

You need to enable installing apps from unsigned developers. Go to the Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Security & Privacy to enable this option.

Go to Security & Privacy:

More detailed information on our Downloads page

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