Tritium is a hand-crafted artwork as well as being a fully-functional wrist altimeter. We will only be making 100 of these very unique altimeters, so what you own will be truly special!


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Technical specifications

  • Altitude indication: 0-16,000 feet (0 to 4900 metres)
  • Operating altitude: -1,600 to 29,500 feet (-500 to 9000 metres)
  • Operating modes:
    • Freefall mode: 2000ft – 16000ft
    • Canopy mode: 0-2000ft
  • USB charging
  • Battery: 500mAh lithum-ion rechargable
  • HDR ambient light sensor (automatic night mode for night jumps)
  • Weight: 90 grams

Colour-coded lights indicate altitude in thousands of feet, with green, amber and red warnings to give breakaway and pull altitudes. The display is bright enough to be clearly seen in bright sunlight, but is in a class of its own at sunset jumps!

Can you adjust an offset, for example for demo jumps where the landing area is a different altitude? Also, can you change the altitudes when the alti changes colours?

No, there is no altitude offset feature as we have chosen simplicity to maximise reliability of the altimeter. Since this is a limited edition altimeter, you can request for particular altitudes (3 colours in freefall mode and 3 colours in canopy mode) however you cannot change this afterwards, except when sending the altimeter back for servicing. Please get in touch with us if you want this done for your order.

How do you zero the altimeter?

The altimeter zeros itself the moment it is switched on. To re-zero it, simply switch it off, then switch it on again.

How do you know whether the altimeter is in freefall mode or canopy mode?

UPDATE: Canopy mode is now indicated by the central LED turning blue.

How long does the battery last?

Short answer: it depends on how bright it is.

Tritium usually lasts for a full day of skydiving without recharging. The battery life will vary with the brightness of the LEDs, and the dimmer the LEDs, the longer the batteries will last. The LED brightness is adjusted automatically depending on the ambient light. For example, if you only use Tritium on sunset or night jumps, the battery will last a very long time. When the battery has 30% remaining, a central LED will turn on to indicate the need to recharge. The altimeter can be easily recharged by connecting it with the included micro USB cable to any USB charger.

Is the altimeter waterproof?

Unfortunately, no – the unique look of the case is also its weakness: it’s very difficult to make it fully waterproof. The altimeter can resist minor splashes, but large spills or immersion may let water inside the case which might damage it. We are however designing our future altimeters which will be more water-resistant – watch this space!

Will the altimeter work above 16000 feet?

Yes, it works to about 29000 feet, but the display maxes out at 16000 feet. So if you go above 16k, the display will simply read 16k until you descend.

Will there be a version in metres?

Currently the altimeter indicates in feet. Since this is a limited edition run, please get in touch with us if you want an altimeter made in metres!

Do you have any other products?

Yes, definitely! We are currently developing several different altimeters. If you purchase Tritium, it increases our ability to be successful in releasing these amazing altimeters 🙂

You can download the user manual for the Tritium here.


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