X2 User Manual

  1. Getting Started
    1. Charging
    2. Basic Operation
    3. Removing device from the arm mount
    4. Getting the app
    5. Connect to your smartphone
  2. Setting waypoints
  3. Device Modes
    1. Skydiving Modes
      1. Skydive Mode
      2. Wingsuit Mode
      3. Canopy Mode
  4. Altitude Offset
  5. Troubleshooting

Getting Started

Getting Started


Please charge the device for 1 hour before first use. To charge the device, plug it in to a USB charger with the included micro-USB cable. A red light will indicate that the device is charging. A green light will indicate that charging is complete.

If the charging LED shows yellow, this indicates the battery is not charging. If this occurs please contact support via email at support@aon2.co.uk.

To switch on the device, press the middle button.

Basic Operation

  • top button
  • middle button
  • bottom button

The middle button acts as the power button. To power on the X2, press the middle button. The middle button also acts as the “OK” button when navigating the menus. The top and bottom buttons act as the “up” and “down” buttons for selecting menu items.

Removing device from the mount

Find the “open” side of the mount and lift the device up slightly

then slide the X2 out of the mount

If this fails, find a lever such as a credit card or thin screwdriver:

raise the clip with a lever, then slide the X2 out of the mount


Getting the App

Please select your platform below.


Connecting through Bluetooth

Make sure that the device is in the “Bluetooth” menu in the settings when connecting via bluetooth.

Open the app and click “Connect to a device”. (Note: do NOT use the Android bluetooth menu to connect, connect from the X2 app)

When connecting a device for the first time, a passkey will be generated and displayed on the device screen.

Enter this passkey on the phone prompt to complete the connection.

Setting Waypoints

There are 2 ways to set a waypoint on the X2. First method is through the phone app.

To set a waypoint, use your phone to connect to the X2. Under the waypoints tile map, tap on a location to set down a pin:

To Label the waypoint, LONG PRESS on the waypoint row and the name entry window will appear:

Second method is through the device. First, ensure that you are outdoors with a clear view of the sky. Using the buttons, navigate to the GPS menu on the device:

By selecting “Set here” the current waypoint is set to your current location. This is also saved as “User Waypoint” on the device memory. A good GPS signal is required for this function to work.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth

If there are problems with Bluetooth functionality, please disconnect from the X2, go into your phone settings -> Bluetooth and “FORGET” the X2 device and re-do the pairing process.

Device Modes

Device Modes

Standby Screen

The standby screen is what the device shows in low-power mode. In this screen, the X2 will have several days of battery life. The X2 will turn on its GPS once every hour to check for a GPS signal, so that transitioning to an action mode will enable it to get a GPS lock within a few seconds. From a cold start, the GPS may take up to 2 minutes to obtain a signal.

Keep the X2 in the standby screen when going for a skydive – it will automatically detect when in a climb (exceeding 230 ft/min) and change to plane mode if the skydiving mode or wingsuiting modes are selected.

Sport Modes

Going to the menu “modes” screen you can select the sport mode you wish to use.

A tick mark (✓) can appear next to either skydive or wingsuit mode. When skydive mode or wingsuit mode is selected with a tick mark (✓) , automatic climb detection is activated.

Selecting any of the other modes starts it immediately. Additional functionality and features will be released via firmware updates.

Skydiving Modes

Plane Mode

If “skydive” or “wingsuit” mode is selected in the mode menu, then the device will automatically switch to plane mode if sufficient climb rate is detected (230 feet per minute).

Plane mode will display distance to waypoint and ground speed in the units the user has selected, and true heading in degrees. There is also a 5-second separation timer to help assist exit separation. This timer will be customisable in future firmware updates.

If plane mode is entered accidentally (for example, driving uphill above the threshold speed), you can force a return to standby mode by pressing both TOP and BOTTOM buttons at the same time.

Skydive Mode

In skydive mode, during freefall the screen only displays the altitude with colour code. If the altitude is over 1000 (feet or metres), then it will display the altitude in 1000’s.

Wingsuit Mode

Choose wingsuit mode if you would like to get additional information during freefall such as distance and direction to landing area and glide ratio.

Canopy Mode

The device will automatically switch to canopy mode when it detects canopy deployment. At the moment it displays altitude, direction and distance to landing area, and ground speed. Customisation of this screen will be enabled via firmware updates.

Altitude Offset

If your starting elevation and landing elevation are different, you need to set an altitude offset.

Go to Main Menu -> Settings -> Calibrate -> altitude offset and set your starting elevation (landing elevation = 0).


Emergency Reset

In unlikely case the X2 freezes during operation, pressing the middle button for 15 seconds will force it to power off. Pressing the middle button again will restart the device.

Bootloader Mode

In the unlikely case the X2 firmware gets corrupted, power off the X2 using the middle button above (pressing for 15 seconds). Plug the device into a USB port on a computer. Hold down the top button while pressing the middle button, this will start the device into bootloader mode, and a new firmware can then be flashed on to the device.