Almost there!

So what have we been doing these past few months? Since we assembled our first few production-standard altimeters, we needed to test several important parameters that were not present in the prototypes.

We needed to test several parameters and validate:

  • Ensuring consistent quality of the altimeters
  • Identifying manufacturing issues that may affect quality
  • Measuring battery life in real jumping conditions
  • Calibrating the low battery indicator
  • Testing the USB charger
  • Identifying any other issues by extensive fun jumping the altimeter 😉
test jumpSince we’ve now decided to do a limited edition run of only 100 altimeters, we’ve also had to plan for making each altimeter by hand. This brings up the cost significantly, but increases the quality – machines may be much faster, but manual assembly enables more frequent quality checks to ensure that each altimeter meets our tight specifications.

We’re happy to say that the extensive testing campaign is almost complete, and we’re getting ready to release the limited edition altimeter in a few weeks! We’re also attending BPA’s Skydive the Expo in January, where you can buy one of the 100 (one of a kind!) altimeters we’re going to make!

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