Brilliant Pebbles Altitude Offset

Finally, we’ve added an altitude offset feature to Brilliant Pebbles!

When you need to use it

Altitude offset is applied when your takeoff altitude is different to the altitude of your landing area. This is usually the case with demo jumps or innhopps, and with this new feature Brilliant Pebbles becomes even more useful 🙂


In the ‘Settings’ page of the Android app, or the main screen of the PC app, there is now a text field saying “offset”. In this field, enter your takeoff altitude relative to your landing elevation (landing altitude = 0).

Similarly, for landing areas higher than your takeoff altitude, enter a negative offset:

The units will be automatically set to the current units you are using with the device. When you click “set” the Brilliant Pebble should give a short beep.


The altitude offset will only last a maximum of 16 hours. It is not saved to the non-volatile memory of the device, and is erased on landing. To change the altitude offset, simply set another value. To remove the altitude offset, you can also reboot the device.


This feature is available for firmware version f00f1bd7 (9th June 2019) or later, and PC app version 1.2.4 or later, and Android app version 1.3 (APK version code 19) or later. All hardware versions of the Brilliant Pebbles are compatible.

Of course, this feature has always been available for the X2, our next-generation multi-sport altimeter with GPS.

If you have any additional questions about this feature, please get in touch at!