Brilliant Pebbles Hard Deck Alarm

Picture this: so you’ve broken off from the formation, waved off, then deployed your canopy.

However, your canopy opens in severe line twists and is now in a spin, and you try to kick it out. At what point should you stop trying and go into emergency procedures?

Some people call this the hard deck, or the decision altitude.

Brilliant Pebbles will now be able to help maintain altitude awareness in such a situation!

By default: if you are below 2000ft and your vertical speed is greater than 30 mph (13 m/s) this will activate Brilliant Pebbles’ hard deck alarm.

If you do not want this – for example, you do canopy swooping and regularly hit those speeds, you can set the hard deck alarm to “fast” which will only trigger it above 78mph (35 m/s). We will enable more user options for this in the future!

Sample audio of the hard deck alarm


As before, head over to the Downloads page to get the latest version of the app, update your firmware, then you’re good to go!