Night Jumps

Finally, on 1st February 2015, the weather cleared enough for us to do a night jump!

We’ve been attempting to do a night jump since last year, where they are normally done in the autumn or winter when the days are short. However, the fickle weather of the UK has caused the THREE previous scheduled night jumps to be cancelled, which was extremely frustrating.

However, a few weeks before the AGM, Skydive Langar posted an event on their Facebook page and sent an email out for registration for night jumps! Knowing it would be the perfect opportunity for testing Tritium, we registered right away. It took a long wait for the weather to clear, but it finally did!

before the night jump
Before the jump briefing, with glow sticks and Tritium!

It was a surreal experience, as it was my (Arthur) first night jump! Yes…I know, beer fine. However, Tritium performed well, and was clear and intuitive! It just needs a very slight adjustment in brightness for a night jump, but otherwise it performed flawlessly and looked absolutely awesome =)

It was a successful night jump, with everyone landing safely in the designated area. Very excited for the next one!

Jump stats:

  • Altitude: 6000 feet
  • Aircraft: Cessna Grand Caravan
  • Location: Skydive Langar, Nottinghamshire
  • Equipment:

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