Pro tip: Kiss Helmets

So you want to buy Brilliant Pebbles, but our Kiss Helmet Adapter is out of stock? In this post we discuss some alternative options you can take to make the audible work with your helmet.

We get our adapters from another supplier which costs quite a bit due to the low volumes needed. Unfortunately, they’re also very slow in shipping to us. So…

We’ve decided to publish the kiss adapter design files for free.

With the increasing popularity of 3D printers, we have decided to publish the design files for the Kiss Helmet adapter for free (available in the Downloads page). 3D printing shops are starting to pop up in many cities around the world. For example:


Los Angeles:


Searching google for “3D printing shop [your location]” usually comes up with several options you can investigate. Even better, one of your friends might already have a desktop 3D printer!

This has the advantage of letting you choose the colour of the adapter (which is slightly visible as you can see in the photo above with a black adapter) to match your helmet colour scheme. Our adapters are only available in white.

With a few modifications, you can use the audible WITHOUT an adapter.

You can actually use the existing Kiss helmet side plate until you can get an adapter: simply remove the black plate, place the audible with the speaker hole pointing to your ear, and rotate the clips to hold it in place.

The small size of the Brilliant Pebble fits entirely inside the Kiss Helmet side plate. You’ll need to use a screwdriver or tweezers or fingernails to pry the black plate out, but it should come out without damaging it. If your helmet has the foam filled side plate, you’ll need to remove some of the foam.