Skydive the Expo

We’ve just come back from Skydive the Expo, and it’s been an amazing experience!

Although we were not selling the Tritium altimeter during the AGM, we were spreading the word about it as well as carefully listening to feedback people had! We know that Tritium may not be suitable for all kinds of jumping, but we will carefully consider all the comments made during the AGM. If you were there, we also showed some very early and exciting prototypes of our future products as an answer to some of the features lacking in Tritium!

Tritium itself is undergoing final testing and minor adjustments so we won’t be able to accommodate everyone’s requests, but if you follow our facebook page ( we will be running some exciting promotions and events! We will also be posting any product announcements and developments.

We will keep this blog post short, and keep doing what we do best: designing altimeters! We will have some more informative updates shortly 🙂