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Brilliant Pebbles User Manual (pdf)

Brilliant Pebbles User Manual - Brazilian Portugese (PT-BR) (pdf)

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Will there be an iOS app for Brilliant Pebbles?

Unfortunately no. Apple Store policy prevents us from using the USB port, which we'll address in our next audible altimeter.

Does the audible have separate freefall and canopy modes?

At the time of writing of this manual, descent rate is not detected by the release version of the firmware. Alarms will be triggered at the set altitude, no matter what speed the wearer is going at.

I keep clicking "connect" in the Android App but nothing happens! Why?

Please ensure that you grant the app permission to use the USB port - try unplugging and plugging the audible back in, or go to System Settings -> Apps -> Brilliant Pebbles. If it's connected, the blue "status" LED should turn continuously on.

phone screenshot USB permissions

If you get the above notification, please tick "use by default" and click OK.

Why are the altitudes different compared to my L&B altimeter?

We're not sure why but L&B seem to have a different altitude calculation compared to everybody else, such as Alti-2. If you compare our altimeters to a calibrated analogue altimeter, the altitudes will match almost exactly. Our altimeters are very precise and differences between any two altimeters is usually within 3.3 feet.

When I convert between feet to metres and back, the altitudes are off by 1 or 2 feet – is this normal?

The altimeter works internally in metres. When the user enters their alarm values in feet, these are converted to metres and rounded off to the nearest metre. When the altimeter is plugged back in, these metre values are then displayed as feet. These small rounding errors cause the conversions not to be exact, and is normal behaviour.

I changed the altitudes on the app, why does it still beep on the old settings?

Please make sure you click “Upload” or click the “ “ icon in the app.

My audible arrived with already 1 (or more jumps) in the jump counter. Why?

At the moment, the jump counter is in beta and is known to be a bit glitchy. Please bear with us and we will fix this through a firmware update, please do not rely on this feature at the moment. The PC app has a "reset jump counter" function and you can reset this to zero.

I can't install the app on MacOs.

You need to enable installing apps from unsigned developers. Go to the Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Security & Privacy to enable this option.

Go to Security & Privacy:

Ordering without a Paypal Account

You can order using any debit or credit card even without a Paypal account. Simply click "Checkout as a Guest" on the PayPal payment page.

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