The Fine Print

Your device, your data

The basic premise is: your device, your data. We make our revenue on hardware sales. Our business model does not involve selling or monetising data whatsoever. We will never sell or pass your data to a third party without getting your explicit consent. You have the right to transfer your data to another device or erase it completely from our system without any restrictions. In addition, we are legally bound by EU and UK data protection rules and consumer protection laws* (more details below).

We will not restrict transfer of ownership of any altimeters we manufacture, and you may resell them without limit. Nor will we restrict who is able to purchase our devices.

Be safe

Please consult with your instructor/chief instructor/safety officer about ANY gear setup you will be jumping for the first time, ESPECIALLY if you are inexperienced, uncurrent or a student. Your safety is your responsibility. Stay aware. Fly safe!

Watch out for your mates. If you see someone jumping a set-up that may be above their experience level, call them out. Don’t sign off flightline checks if you have doubts.


Our devices have a warranty of 2 years against defects in manufacturing. We will replace or repair the item at no cost, unless the fault is due to wear and tear or physical damage, where a small repair fee may be charged.


Skydiving is an inherently dangerous sport. By using our devices, the users accepts these risks and AON2 Ltd., or its employees, agents, or representatives cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death while using our products.

*We are legally bound by EU Directives on Data Protection (Directive 95/46/EC) and any subsequent regulations. We intend to follow these Directives even in the case of the UK’s exit from EU membership, unless changes to the UK legislation compels us to do otherwise.