X2 development

Back in November, we produced the first few prototypes of X2. However, we weren’t satisfied with the stability of the firmware, and the battery life only lasted 10 hours. So, we went back to the drawing board and made an extensive redesign.

The first X2 prototype.

We also embarked on thorough redevelopment of the software to make it stable and functional. Although people were clamouring for us to open for pre-orders, we refused as the design wasn’t ready.

We delved deep into the details of X2’s design. Here we are debugging X2’s display driver.

6 months on, and our design is leaps and bounds ahead of our first prototype in November. Full waterproofing, long battery life, and a stable, versatile firmware stack means that X2 is now ready for sky-high adventures!

Pre-orders open on Monday for just 200 units. Be one of the first to get them for a special discounted price!

design of the final product with scratch-resistant front glass and full IPX7 waterproofing.